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The Gloves are Made of PU Material—pre-shaped Hi-Tec Compressed Latex Mold—2″ Strap Velcro Closet System. The Danger sign Design on the gloves makes them more attractive and stunning.

There are two main ways that manufacturers make the internal foams of a boxing glove;

they are

  • Machine-made injected molded foam or IMF.

Injection molds are usually 40mm to 50mm thick, offering very good protection for noses and cheekbones and a very safe glove for sparring when they are in relatively new condition. The foams come in different densities, some harder than others, the softer ones feel nice when you first put your hands into the glove and is easier to close your fist.

  • Hand-made layered foam.

Handmade Layered foam gloves are made by combining different density layers of foam to make the correct density mold for the type of boxing glove needed, whether it be a sparring glove, a bag glove, or a glove that can be used for both bag work and sparring.

Key Features:

    – High-quality PU or Maya Hide/Skintex/Syntek materials
    – Durable and long-lasting

2.      Padding:
    – Multi-layered foam padding for shock absorption
    – Gel or latex padding for added protection

3.      Wrap-around wrist strap:
    – Secure and adjustable strap for a snug fit
    – Prevents gloves from shifting during training or competition

4.      Weight:
    – Available in various weights (8oz, 10oz, 12oz, etc.) for different training and competition needs

5.      Closure system:
    – Velcro or lace-up closure for a secure and customizable fit

6.      Color and design:
    – Various colors and designs available to suit personal preferences

7.      Durability:
    – Reinforced stitching and materials for extended durability

8.       Comfort:
    – Soft and comfortable lining for reduced fatigue and irritation