Nosh RedFox


NOSH PB-2302


Distinct kinds of materials are used for speed balls/bags, like Leather, PU, Rexine, and Artificial DX.

Made from handcrafted quality leather.

Latex valve bladder.

Reinforced suspension loop for swivel bearings.

Key features of Speedball/bag.

Color :

Available in custom colors. All colors are available, but the basic colors, which are mostly used for speedballs, are

black, grey, white, and red.

Size :

All standard sizes are available.


Upper Material :

Available in various materials. Priority is placed on leather compared to PU, Rexine, and Artificial DX.

Inner Material :

Latex valve bladder.

Type of Sport :

Boxing, Kick Boxing, Combat Sports, K1, and Muaythai.