Nosh RedFox


NOSH PB-2206


A stuffed or inflated bag is usually suspended for free movement and punched for exercise or training in boxing.

The empty bag can be filled with sand, old cloth, cotton, sponge, and more. Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and other contact sport athletes use the punch bag to practice kicks, footwork, and punches. It is perfect for developing hand and foot techniques and building a solid body.

Material :

Punching bag made of rexine leather/Cowhide Leather.


One of the biggest advantages of free-standing bags is their ease of use. They’re also easier on the bones and knuckles because they’re made with softer foam. This makes them ideal for slow striking and workouts that favor speed and stamina. 

Sizes :

Available in different sizes. 90cmx35cm, 100cmx35cm, 120x35cm, 150x35cm, 170cmx35cm, 180cmx35cm


Available in all custom colors.

Use :

This bag is used for Training.